Denosyl Reviews

Read what real users of Denosyl have to say about their experiences with the product.

Truly a lifesaver!

Without a doubt, Denosyl has contributed to keeping my dog alive!! Due to a liver shunt, my dog experienced some liver damage. After surgery, my vet recommended that I give her Denosyl on a daily basis from now on. In follow-up tests of her liver, there are no health issues found. I believe this product has added to her playfulness and zest for life. The 90 mg pill is small enough to easily insert in her mouth and easily swallowed. I am a true believer of Denosyl!

Seems to work good

My geriatric cat (15 years old) had lost a lot of weight and looked very sickly. She wouldn't groom herself either. The vet found she was great on her kidneys and thyroid, but had abnormal liver enzymes in some recent blood work. We did not want to go through the expense and pain to the cat of additional tests, so my vet recommended Denosyl. He said that it would help the liver to regenerate. We haven't had additional blood work done yet, but it's been a month and she looks and feels 100% better. She even grooms herself now, so I think it's really worked well.

Does the job

Tolly is 12 years old and has liver damage from a lifetime on phenobarbital for seizures. A year ago his ALT number shot up to over 500, 100 is high normal. After a few months on the Denosyl the numbers started to drop. He is now maintaining almost within normal range. He's playing like a kitten. Denosyl by NutraMax is an excellent product.

A Life-Saver

This stuff really works!!! After spending a small fortune at our money-grubbing vet, denosyl was recommended to stabalize our 17 yr old cat's liver problems. He was at death's door, lost a lot of weight, vomiting, quit grooming etc. After a year, he has put on weight and almost back to his old self, albeit he is an "old man", but now great for his age. This stuff works and we have saved lots of money by not going back to vet over and over again for expensive tests etc. The bottom-line, our cat is old and Denosyl helps him lead a normal life for his age related liver problems. We will keep on giving him a daily dose as he has steadily improved so much over the past years daily Denosyl!!!

love it

works great and is a great deal thank you.


Medication appears effective. My dog has some difficulty swollowing the large tablet. Price is reasonable. The containers were crushed upon arrival.

life saver

This drug literally saved my dog's life and has enabled her to continue to live 2 years past being diagnosed with liver failure. She was very sick and it took about 7 days on the denosyl before she improved. Don't give up if you are struggling with watching your dog suffer. It just might be the miracle you are praying for.

Fantastic medication

Just less than a year ago our large, 130 lb shepherd mix, had a liver enzyme count that was off the charts. The vet couldn't even measure it. We began giving him Denosyl 425 mg and in 3 months his enzyme count was high but measurable at 710.

A few months later it was down to 615, and today , 3 months after that, it has dropped to 508. Still a high reading but really excellent results from using Denosyl. We will continue the use indefiiitely.

Good price

Good price, compared to the Veterinarian's Office price. As far as effectiveness, I'll reserve my judgement until a later date as he's only been on it for two months. My dog's liver numbers haven't improved, but they haven't worsened either.

Dog loves it!

I've been giving my 16 year old dog Denosyl for a couple years now. As long as his blood tests show it's working I will continue... however there was one thing about the denosyl tablets that I loathed, it was their sizel It's an orange horse pill. Which means I need to hide it in a piece of food to get him to take it. Of all the pills he takes per day this and Atopica are the two I dreaded because they can't be easily disguised. He'd wised up to what I was doing and work the pill out of the food and drop the pill to the floor. I kept changing what I hid it to fool him but he soon figured that out as well. Some times he was so obstinant I'd have to stick it in his throat which stressed us both out. Those were the times when I'd think to myself, WHY can't they make this easy on us and just make this pill chewable! Well they finally did and I am greatful for it. We're just about done with the first bottle so I can say with confidence that this pill must taste good because my finicky dog loves it and has never spit it out. It costs more per pill than the original but it makes life a little bit easier so for me it's worth it. Now if only Atopica did the same I'd be a happy camper. I'll never go back to the non-chewable, this is just what I wished for.

Denosyl not for everyone

Most pets do not need this medicine. Our chihuahua was diagnosed with liver deficiency four years ago. (The tests and exams cost over $1500.) At that time the specialist veterinarian gave him two to three years to live if not treated. Denosyl was one of the medications prescribed to help him live longer. The dog is now doing fairly well and we hope our success continues for some time. His test results are slowly getting worse and that is expected. He will die young, but right now he is doing fairly well and Denosyl is part of the reason why.

Vet recommended. Best deal ever

I received this order in 2 days. This was a special for only $40.39 free postage for 3 mos. supply for 225mg. The 3 mos. fits just within the expiration date. I paid $82.00 for 30 day supply at vet's and then $40.00 plus off the net for 30 and all the same. I don't know how beneficial for my dog as she has only been on 2 mos. but her liver count elevated some and the vet said he has seen incredible results with this for dogs with stressed and diseased livers. Other reviews have testified to results.Buy only individually wrapped pill as exposure to air decreases effectiveness each time opening a lid on a bottle. I have found giving to her in peanut butter works well.